Markey 1.0

CRM Analytics powers the analysis of the data collected during the client relationship. It allows to develop a consistent sales and marketing strategy, and to strengthen your client knowledge.

Its approach is based on two cornerstones of Markneed expertise: Data Analytics (BI and data mining) and CRM. It is a key asset to improve the decision-making.

CRM Analytics coupled to other tools like Markneed Analytics Liberty and Markneed Analytics SPAD allows you to integrate assets from your information management systems, your data warehouse, your CRM and any other database. MARKNEED INDIA  Develops a solution to help small organizations to make their marketing strategy understandable and collect effective clients details. just call us 7505928653 or fill out the form given below

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Agile Business Intelligence, "Markey 1.0" Analytics Liberty, Markey 1.0 CRM integrate data analysis and business dashboards from which supervisors can monitor the most common KPIs based on the CRM data; drive business performance.

The CRM Analytics module addresses every decision-making issues. Its capacity extends beyond the creation and sharing of the analyzed data.

The CRM offers to your analytical or call-center employees a user-friendly reporting tool:

  • Key indicators to drive sales and monitor business activity in real-time.

  • Graphic indicators with the volume of outdated and incoming claims of your client representatives.

  • A snapshot of the workload by group, representative, or consultant.

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